In 28 July : World Hepatitis Day

Hepatitis - free future

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Hepatitis - free future

World Hepatitis Day is commemorated each year on 28 July to enhance awareness of viral hepatitis, an inflammation of the liver that causes a range of health problems, including liver cancer.

This year’s theme is “Hepatitis-free future,” with a strong focus on preventing hepatitis B among mothers and newborns.

Around the world, about 325 million people live with hepatitis B and C, and about 900,000 people die of hepatitis B each year. Only 10% of people with hepatitis B and 19% of people living with hepatitis C are aware of their condition.

 In Iran, infants have been receiving the hepatitis B vaccine, and the rate of this disease has decreased in Iran. According to the This year’s theme, Iran will try more to prevent the spread of hepatitis and in this regard will pay special attention to the health of mothers and infants.
In Arak city, vaccination is carried out by health centers and its follow-up by hospitals and pediatric centers and the health of pregnant mothers in specialized gynecological hospitals.

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