Thanking preachers, eulogists, mourners for observing health protocols/ Carry out necessary measures to prepare coronavirus vaccine in country

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In a conversation with the Ministers of Interior and Health, the President stressed the strict observance of health protocols by the preachers, eulogists, mourners and organisers of the mourning ceremony of Imam Hussein (AS) during the days of Muharram, especially on the nights of Tasua and Ashura, as reported by Dr Rahmani Fazli and Dr Namaki, as the heads of the security and health committees of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, and expressed his satisfaction and appreciation.
Thanking preachers, eulogists, mourners for observing health protocols/ Carry out necessary measures to prepare coronavirus vaccine in country

In a conversation with Minister of Health and Medical Education Dr Saeed Namaki on Sunday, President Hassan Rouhani referred to the news about the acquisition of the coronavirus vaccine in some countries, and ordered the necessary measures to purchase the vaccine as soon as possible and to carry out the usual experimental and diagnostic steps in order to start effective measures in this field in the country as soon as possible.
The President added, "Considering the spread of the second wave of the outbreak of COVID-19, the Ministry of Health should take the necessary measures to prevent burnout and exhaustion of the country's medical staff and, if necessary, take necessary measures to train new staff and replace them more quickly".
Dr Rouhani emphasised that, of course, the most important point in this regard is that people strictly follow the health protocols to prevent more trouble and as a result, fatigue and exhaustion for the country's health care staff and defenders, who have been at the forefront of fighting the disease for more than 6 months.
Dr Rouhani described the pious and committed behavior of the people in holding their glorious and different mourning ceremonies, along with strict observance of health protocols, based on the rich religious culture of the people and their commitment to humanitarian issues and altruism, and said,"In the months of Muharram and Safar, they should continue to follow the health instructions in the same strict way so that no one gets coronavirus as a result of participating in the mourning rituals of Imam Hussein (AS)".
The President also responded to the concerns of the Ministers of Health and the Interior about the new wave of summer trips during the recent holidays, saying, "Those who have traveled during the recent holidays should not allow their non-compliance with protocols to cause a new escalation of the COVID-19 outbreak, and negatively affect the hard work of the medical staff".
Dr Rouhani stated, "Those who have traveled should strictly follow the health instructions, physical distance and avoid being in crowded places, to prevent damage to the success that has been achieved in controlling the second wave of coronavirus".

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