Prevention is the best way to fight Corona

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Prevention is the best way to fight Corona

Prevention is the best way to fight Corona 
According to Web Da Markazi report, world studies have shown that the chances of getting an effective drug to fight the coronavirus in the short term are very low. 
From the beginning of corona crisis, internist analyzed available drugs and introduced the most effective ones to the medical staff to enter treatment cycle.
It is worth mentioning that, apart from role of drugs in the recovery of patients, the recovery rate of patients with corona virus has been due to the efforts and sacrifices of medical staff.
Remarkably, according to researchers' findings, the virus is very mysterious and has an interesting reaction, so that, inside the body, it attacks weak organs and infects that part.
Also, nature of each virus and infectious agent is a change of state in different host bodies, that is, when it is transmitted from person to person, it creates an environment for new mutations, and therefore the mutations that occurred in the corona virus cause it to spread and increased its ignorance.
Accordingly, finding a specific drug to treat it will be a little difficult and time consuming, and to disrupt the transmission cycle, you still have to use a mask and social distance.
Using a mask can prevent up to 95% of disease transmission.

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