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One in three people is an asymptomatic corona carrier

19 October 2020 | 23:53 Code : 12692 Main news
The president of Arak University of Medical Sciences said: "According to new statistics and research, the number of healthy and asymptomatic carriers is approaching 30%."
One in three people is an asymptomatic corona carrier

According to Webda Markazi, Dr. Seyed Mohammad Jamalian in the 65th meeting of the Corona Management Headquarters mentioned the very critical situation in Markazi province and added: "Asymptomatic carriers are more present in the community than before and infect many people with their interactions." .

He stressed: "It is time to weigh the decisions of managers in order to analyze the incidence and morbidity as well as its scale."

He said: "If there are still these negligences and underestimation of health standards in the community, in addition to the proliferation of medical centers for corona virus disease, the age of the patients and the death rate will reach the younger generation."

Dr. Jamalian added: "In this situation, the terrible corona storm, Arak University of Medical Sciences, can not stand alone and without empathy. Our critical situation today is due to the closed eyes of many people

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