Dealing with foreign affairs and foreign affairs

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Dealing with foreign affairs and foreign affairs
Dealing with foreign affairs and foreign affairs

Dealing with foreign affairs and foreign affairs
In any session, in the presence of two directors, among the groups, they are invited to the place of the Ministry of External Affairs, to bring in; Pyramon's discussions are a chance to attract a dance between boredom and a confrontation between the boredom, and the views of the managers between the boredom, a dance called up.

Dr. Hamta, director of affairs among the religious institutions in the Iraqi sciences, made an important statement and visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the presence of a doctor, a reference, and Khawastar Kotah, for a long time, with the support of Surg, and taking a number of academic aids, as well as a suitable quality for his studies. pzschki see you dam; The presence of appropriate desires and external Danish luxuries in a car is necessary.

In this session, Dr. Hamta, we brought up a console notebook in the study of medical sciences, and the problems of finding out in relation to Samandhi Kargzaran attracted Daneshgo, among other things, in the possession of Barchmard

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