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A message by the Director of International Affairs of the University

31 July 2018 | 08:14 Code : 377 Main news
A message by the Director of International Affairs of the University

International affair of Arak medical university which was established recently is one of the sections that supervised directly by president of university.

This section trys to do its duty in the best way possible. These days our duty is very important because we have to present our country and our scientific ability to the other nations and invite them to see our abilities

Iranian scientist must introduce their science to scientific world and interchange the newest scientific achievements between us and other countries

Good relationship or in the other hand win- win relationship with others is necessary for us, so we have  to have a good scientific relation with others specially accredited universities and scientist from Islamic and neighbour countries and some developed countries which like to have  fair relationship with us too

In the field of exchange of professors and students between us and other universities, the policy is the same, we would like to be both host and guest for friends

Invitation of professors which is our responsibility should be done by us. For this subject we are making effort to invite one of the great professors from every where

Dr.Kurosh Dalvandi

Director of International affairs of Arak Medical university (AUMS)

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