strategic plan


Applying Clinical Faculty Members and Basic Sciences to Clinical Research
Use at least 4 basic science and 4 faculty members for clinical research during the program years
At least four research projects that require the collaboration of a clinical and clinical faculty each year during the program years.
Invite new faculty members to new research
Invite at least 3 new clinical faculty members each year during the program years

Approval and implementation of research projects
Run at least one collaborative research project with other academic and research centers each year during the program years
Publish articles
Publish at least 10 internal articles per year over the years
Publish at least 10 external articles per year over the years
Presenting 7 posters and lectures at the domestic and foreign congresses each year during the program years
Strategic goals Strategies
Active participation in the training and training of specialist forces and efficient allocation
Leading Ph.D. Residential and PhD dissertations along with Ph.D. in line with the research priorities of the Center
Employing and empowering human resources
Development of research related to infectious diseases
Establish scientific and research communication with research references
Helping to promote community health through research
Absorption of graduate theses
Reflection of the capabilities, plans and activities of the Center to the authorities and other stakeholders
Involve research for the participation of all students and professors
Increasing budget absorption for research on infectious diseases