Microsoft introduces 'resource controls' to set how much RAM Edge can use

Microsoft Edge just received a new feature in Beta version 125 that gives users even more control over the amount of memory the browser uses. Building on the existing efficiency mode that reduces resource consumption during gameplay, “resource controls” allow users to set a specific RAM limit for Edge. This can be useful not just for gaming but also for managing overall system performance.

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Avoid installing this Windows 10 and 11 update: it will fill your PC with ads By Adrian Miles24 April 20243 Mins Read

Specifically, we are referring to a new patch that the software giant has just sent for Windows that has nothing to do with security. These types of Windows updates are quite common to provide us with some improvements, corrections and new tools or features. In this specific case we mean that Microsoft has released updates for Windows 22H2 and 23H2 with the nomenclature KB5036980.

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