Human error still perceived as the Achilles’ heel of cybersecurity

27 May 2024 | 13:46 Code : 43862 news
Human error still perceived as the Achilles’ heel of cybersecurity

CISOs’ confidence is growing despite fear of cyber attacks
70% of surveyed CISOs feel at risk of a material cyber attack over the next 12 months, compared to 68% the year before, and 48% in 2022. CISOs today clearly remain on high alert, but confidence among them is growing: just 43% feel unprepared to cope with a targeted cyber attack, showing a marked decrease over last year’s 61% and 50% in 2022.

Human error continues to be perceived as the Achilles’ heel of cybersecurity, with 74% of CISOs identifying it as the most significant vulnerability. In a year of growing insider threats and people-driven data loss, more CISOs than ever (80%) see human risk, in particular negligent employees as a key cybersecurity concern over the next two years.

However, there’s growing optimism in the role of AI-powered solutions to mitigate human-centric risks, reflecting a strategic turn towards technology-driven defenses.

“While the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve with increasing human-centric threats, the 2024 Voice of the CISO report highlights what appears to be a vital shift towards greater resilience, preparedness and confidence among global CISOs,” said Patrick Joyce, global resident CISO at Proofpoint. “This year’s findings underscore a collective move towards strategic defenses, including enhanced education, technological adoption, and an adaptive approach to emerging threats like generative AI.”

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