10th International Council

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10th International Council

The tenth session of the International Relations Council of the University was held.
The 10th meeting of the international relations council of the university was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Alireza Amani, head of Arak University of Medical Sciences, in the hall of Imam Javad (a.s.) of the Prophet (pbuh) complex.
In this meeting, Dr. Hamta, while welcoming the honorable president and vice presidents of the university and the guests, first described the actions taken in the international field this year and things like the 313% growth of international student recruitment in 1401 compared to the base year of seven nationalities. (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Brazil, India, Lebanon and Iraq) and new proposals from Nigeria and Zimbabwe, as well as the development of international relations and a meeting with the cultural representative of the Embassy of Atriz to establish sisterhood with the universities of that country, regular holding Interviews and recruitment of students during the year, providing visa services, obtaining bank accounts, vaccination of international students and hosting foreign delegations to accept students, development of relations are among the actions of the field of international affairs.

Mr. Dr. Amani, with appreciation for the efforts of the international affairs department, especially the management and experts of this area, while considering these activities as important, he called the attention of all the vice-chancellors and other parts of the university to cooperate and support the management of international affairs and not to impose additional burdens and duties on others. The areas emphasized on this area.
In addition, Dr. Sadeghi Sadeh said that internationalization is one of the mandatory tasks of universities by the Ministry of Health, which, apart from the issue of attracting foreign students, includes other components such as studying abroad or establishing international relations, etc. With a proper assessment of international affairs management activities, he demanded comprehensive support for this area and asked all areas to take their responsibilities in providing internationalization and not leave the burden of their duties on the shoulders of international management.
At the end, while discussing and reviewing the agenda of the meeting, the members of the international relations council of the university approved.

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