Ayatollah-Khansari Education and Treatment Center

The hospital building was completed under the supervision of Imam of Arak's Friday Congregational Prayers at that time, Ayatollah Khansari, and with benevolent help in 1986; and construction project finished in 1996; and after, for a while has activity as clinical, the outpatient ward and  charitable and then it was closed for a few years.
The hospital was delivered to Arak University of Medical Sciences in 2006.
The building construction and repairing and complete replacement of installations started in mid 2006, and the hospital used with preparation equipment and  capacity of 64 beds in 2007; and then, has been active in the different phases, in the following wards:
Phase I:  2007
- Reception by outpatient clinics and oncology and hematology specialty clinics.
Phase 2: April. 2008
- Reception of oncology and hematology outpatients
- Utilization of laboratory and radiology
Phase 3: March, 2009
- Surgery hall (with a capacity of 3 surgery room)
- General surgery ward (21 beds)
- ICU (3 beds)
- Sonography
- Mammography
Phase 4: May, 2011
- Installation radiotherapy ward with an Accelerator
Now the hospital is working with full capacity, has been located the radiotherapy machine in the the center with spending about 35 billion Rials, has been provided necessary manpower; and the hospital has been exploited this year. 
Dr. Azin Ahmari

Radiotherapy specialist

Executive Manager:

Haj Abdulsamad Samadi