Security Office



Security Office:

Defining Protection:
Protection and safeguarding  means preserving and caring.

Guarding duties

The control function can be managed within the framework of safeguard duties can be summarized as follows:
1 – Discovering  and reporting  a possible violation (specially in the university area).
2 - The discovery of plots against foreign and domestic enemies of the Islamic Revolution in order to tarnish the campus security.
3 – Discovering and dealing  with crimes and violations of political, security and administrative employees of the university and the relevant authorities.

5 - Supervision of physical protection plans and providing physical protection.
6 - Management and personnel training and justified under the protected areas, conservation documentation, personnel, facilities and project supervision.
8 - the special permit vehicle traffic to campus.
9 - collaborated in the preparation of conservation plans, security and continuous monitoring of the projects.
10 - Track tasks assigned by the relevant authorities.
11 - providing security advice to the chief executive.
12 - Follow up and implementation of circulars and directives.