The first 6-pole council of the country

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The first 6-pole council of the country
The first 6-pole council of the country

The first 6-pole council of the country
This meeting was held on the last day of May of this year with the presence of managers and international experts of Qutb 6 and the vice president of international affairs of the Ministry of Health, the university president, the vice president of education and the vice president of students of Alborz University of Medical Sciences in the meeting hall of the medical school of this university.
The meeting started with the speech of Dr. Amir Khani, the deputy of international affairs in the Ministry of Health. While thanking the set of activities of Qutb 6, he introduced and reviewed the policies of regional macro-divisions as follows:
1- Internationalization of the capacity of universities of medical sciences in the form of internationalization workshops, medicine and equipment and obtaining international certificates.
2- Playing an effective role in the region in order to obtain a good share of students, patients and international grants, for which numerous examples and programs have been set up. Such as: setting up the secretariat of the 5 regional countries and the Shanghai Pact in the health sector
3- Development of international economic cooperation: Attracting international students and patients in order to improve the ranking of universities
In this meeting, the international management of Arak University of Medical Sciences gave a comprehensive and favorable presentation of the activities of this management in the international field as follows:
1- Recruiting more than 120 international students in 5 fields of medicine, dentistry, nursing, anesthesia and operating room at undergraduate and graduate levels from 7 countries: India, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Brazil
2- Taking advantage of capable professors and expert staff in the education of international students
3- The existence of challenges and problems in the welfare and dormitory issues of international students, and in relation to solving this issue, his suggestion is to raise the issue at the level of the Ministry of Home Affairs.
4-Repeated visits to student dormitories and pointing out the importance of addressing the issue of the quality of students' welfare, because ignoring it will lead to anti-advertisement and withdrawal of students.
5- Trilingualization of all signs of Arak University of Medical Sciences, which has given the university an international and stylish look
6_ Holding meetings and following up on the issue of pollutants, considering that the mission of the Ministry of Health to Arak University of Medical Sciences is to follow up on the issue of pollutants.
7- periodic meetings with universities outside the pole to exchange experience
8- Using the capacities of the province and transferring students to subordinate cities
9- Pre-admission interviews with applicants to Arak University of Medical Sciences and considering appropriate filters for student admission
While thanking the consular affairs office affiliated to the Ministry of Science in Central Province, Dr. Hemta emphasized the urgent need to establish a consular affairs office affiliated to the Ministry of Health in Arak University of Medical Sciences.

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