The Office of Public Relations and International Affairs


The Office of Public Relations and International Affairs


This office is one of the subordinate units of the Chancellery which plays a guidance role throughout  inter- and outer-organizational parts, and moves ahead by accepting transorganizational duties and developing the spirit of cooperation and ascending social relations for health culture promotion and being accountable for therapeutic and educational needs of society’s people.

Participation in solving issues and problems of university and subordinate units has made this office as a driving force in establishing facilities for welfare and extracurricular activities far beyond an organizational-advertising activity.
Promotion of public opinion, paying attention to relationship between employees and clients, transparency in informing and information seeking of public opinions and applying them in university decision-makings, are necessary for being an effective, scientific and equipped public relations.

The public relations office has a big part in evaluation of society audience and service recipients and reflecting it to organization, and to help in solving issues and creating appropriate serving, holding conferences, sessions and seminars.