Food, Cosmetics and Hygiene supervision management





Food, Cosmetics and Hygiene supervision management
Supervision on supply, production, storage and health licensing for food, drink, cosmetic and hygiene manufactured products in the country, is major task of food, drink, cosmetic and hygiene supervision office; Assurance of product quality, safety and health in accordance with ratified national standards and current regulations of Ministry of Health and Medical Education is the goal for this kind of supervision.
• Supervision and technical checking of food & hygiene manufacturing companies for continuous controlling.

• Visiting and monitoring of the implementation of building regulations, equipments of product lines and laboratories related to production and packaging centers of food, drink, cosmetic and hygiene.

• Controlling and supervision with following the formulation of making food and hygiene products and also packaging regulations and labeling of manufactured products.

• Cooperation and coordination with other supervisory bodies in level of production, distribution and sending new instructions related to these kind of organizations. 

• Participation in courses, education workshops, seminars and etc for promotion in level of applied science of technical and supervision experts

• Investigation to received complaints related to food and hygiene until getting results.

• Introducing the violators of laws about food and hygiene to judicial authorities.

Preparation monthly performance reports and statistics and submitting them to superiors.
Manager: Dr. Reza Tajik