Dr. Mojtaba Bayani
Position: Vice Chancellor for Education and Research in School of Dentistry
Degree: Periodontist

Has a specialized board and graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Faculty member of Arak University of Medical Sciences

Dr. Mojtaba Bayani holds a PhD in Periodontics from the University of Tehran and has been the Vice Chancellor for Education and Research at the Faculty of Dentistry since 1995. For more information and general information, please click on his academic background and career history.

Mission and job description:

The Vice Chancellor of the Faculty, as the main trustee of the Faculty of Education, has the following responsibilities and duties:


        · Planning for the effective implementation of approved training programs
         · Planning to provide training development conditions
        · Planning to expand the graduate courses of the faculty in coordination with the Vice Chancellor for Education
          · Planning to improve the educational activities of faculty members and attract new faculty members in accordance with educational needs


Educational needs:

· Planning to review training programs and offer suggestions to higher authorities
· Planning to encourage and support excellent students and talented people
· Planning to involve faculty members and departments in management, operational, and evaluation processes



1. Coordinating with the dean of the faculty and management in the direction of the educational and research goals and policies of the faculty

2. Coordinating with other units in order to achieve organizational goals

3. Coordinating with the activities of the educational groups in line with the major goals of the faculty and the university

4. Coordinating administrative activities and subordinate units in line with the major goals of the faculty and the university

5. Establishing communication with the university's vice chancellor for education in order to be informed about educational policies and submit suggestions and requests


1. Monitoring the activities of educational groups

2. Supervising the proper implementation of the activities of the Department of Education, the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Office of Educational Development

3. Observing the proper implementation of regulations, regulations and educational laws



1. Implement policies, policies of the Vice Chancellor for Education

2. Participate in the Technical Education Council of the faculty

3. Providing suggestions, comments and issuing orders in order to promote educational activities and implement educational policies and guidelines in line with the assigned responsibilities.

4. References received to the relevant departments and units, receiving suggestions from faculty members, departments, affiliated units, students and staff, and reviewing and ordering the necessary measures, attending meetings of the Board of Education and Graduate Studies and the faculty

5. Cooperation in planning and holding scientific conferences, workshops, retraining courses


1. Evaluating the educational activities of the faculty, including evaluating the teaching of professors

2. Internal evaluation of educational groups of affiliated educational units

3. Valuing training staff

4. Evaluating educational processes

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