From the academic year of 1999, with the separation of laboratory sciences and health sciences, the Department of Medicine and Family Health and Anesthesiology were formed from the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery. The field of occupational health was added to the fields of this faculty.
Since October of the academic year of 1999, the course of continuous and discontinuous bachelor's degree in laboratory sciences and bachelor's degree in continuous and discontinuous anesthesiology and bachelor's degree in general and discontinuous public health and bachelor's degree in occupational health and environmental health and since October 2013 Schools have been added. In order to develop the School of Paramedical Sciences, in July 1397, the field of continuous bachelor's degree in radiological technology was launched and the admission of students began in October of the same year.
In the first semester of the 2010 academic year, the School of Health is separated from the School of Paramedical Medicine and continues to operate independently