Dress Coding


 Students of Arak University of Medical Sciences, in respect to Islamic values and the University’s dress code regulations, are required to make their best efforts to preserve the dressing code and encourage it across medical community. 
• Preserving dignity and respect of medical profession and scientific environment of the University
• Creating a sense of respect, peace and trust in recipients of services 
• Prevent infection and maintain patient and own safety

 Furthermore, in the evaluation of decency of other outfits that are not been mentioned in this guide, preserving above aims is determinant. 
1. Clothes must be simple and clean 

 2. Clothes must be based on sharia and should not prevent free movement of body , the pieces of clothes must be exactly based on what the university rules are . 

 3. Must have normal color and should not contain any unusual picture, advertising, message…. 

4. Compliance with the ward’s regulation is necessary when putting on clean and closed front uniform. Those who are required to put scrub uniform cannot leave the aseptic areas with scrub uniform and they are required to wear a white cover on top of the scrub uniform 

5. In clinical setting, it is required to wear ID cart visible to everyone on top of the uniform

 6. Clothes, shoes and socks must be appropriate and suitable

 Jewelry and makeup
 1. Appearance of people in University and clinical environments must be simple, clean and without makeup 

2. A part from a simple wedding ring, wearing any other Jewelry/accessories is prohibited

 3. Nails must be short and clean, and wearing nail extension and polish is prohibited

 1. Personal hygiene includes clean hair and body

 2. Wearing any deodorant or perfume with strong odor is prohibited