Selection Office



Selection process or in other words, the core selection's work begins with introduction of human resources (employment recruitment) of the personnel department and similar administrative units and case of selective. The meaning of case of selective is completing the profile form and offering necessary documents.
In the stage selection belief, ethical and political competent of persons subject to selection law is qualified, before entering until certainty the employment, the stage is done with supervising their background and history of the place of residence, education and the career and also with physical interviews inquiries from regulatory bodies. In this supervision selection cores according to their legal duty to try to identify qualified persons and as eligible persons introduces to the administration (taking employment conditions).

Issuing vote in the selection cores is done as council's selection, thus the members of the first instance Council of comment announces their comment about the case study and the final outcome of this case will be gathered all the comments; and if the person objects to first comment of the selection core, file will be referred to the Council of Review, that they have declared their comment after reviewing and/or complementary measures.