Management of Prehospital Emergency Medical Services


The center is active in Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Treatment scope and supervises on fallowing units:
- Health posts affairs of throughout the Markazi Province
- Staff of patient conduct and transfer
- Staff of command Dispatch (115 and wireless operator)
- Crisis management room of EOC 
- Private ambulance center of the Markazi province

- Statistics collecting and analyzing for planning and implementing programs in the region
- Coordinating and cooperating with other authorities and the department manager to select and implement appropriate policies and programs in accordance with national and local instructions 
- Planning and coordinating for establishment of comprehensive system of health management in crisis and creating new health posts base on national and provincial indicators and standards, and promoting the quality of existing health posts
- Participating in use of efficient manpower and guidance technical activities of forces under the command through entrance training, job training and refreshers, and supervising them
- Preparation of guidelines and protocols for pre-hospital emergency services in accordance with the provincial requirements and national circulars
- Receiving and investigating reports and complaints of subordinate units and people, and following up to achieve result, and feedback to the superior authorities 
- Holding maneuvers, exhibitions, public education and etc. in the province
- Cooperating with the Province's other organizations in all matters related to Crisis & EMS Management
- Licensing and controlling private ambulance centers and how to transport patients
- Active in NGO sectors, planning and guiding popular participation