Office of Legal Affairs



Office of Legal Affairs
The office is responsible for collecting approvals for future exploitation, participating and offering professional advisory services to regulating texts, making contracts, and correct supervision on its contents, due to the knowledge of the rules.

Among the main missions of Office of Legal Affairs are discussion and prosecution of claims related to the preservation rights of the university (claims for and against the University), and defense of it at judiciary & legal authorities and affairs related to physician's commitments.


* Judicial actions in order to defend government rights

A. Follow up criminal matters

Such as (embezzlement, fraud, barratry, robbery, forgery, occupational abuse, etc), the steps of which are as follows:

- Planning and arranging complaints

- Formation of a case in the relevant branches of the court

- Follow up through the police

- Introducing the representative and participate in appointments and follow-up until the outcome and implementation of the verdict

B. Follow up legal affairs, the stages of which are as follows:

- Preparing and arranging a legal petition

- Submit a petition to the judicial authority competent to handle and prepare the necessary documents

- Participate in the hearing after the appointment

- Getting the execution of sentence and follow up the verdict

* Investigate and respond to lawsuits against the university and against other

Such as losses incurred, property evacuation cases, demand for unpaid wages, commitment to perform obligations, etc. by adjusting bill, providing the necessary documents and documentation, attending the hearings.

*Reviewing and responding to criminal cases

*Review; attend the hearing of the Administrative Justice Court

Investigating and attending the Administrative Justice Court hearing on persons legal and real complaints against the University and its affiliated institutions, especially education units and manpower.

*Handling existing files in administrative authorities

1. Tax Board: Review tax records and handle tax disputes

2. Dispute resolution delegations board of General Directorate of Labor and Social Affairs

3. Social Security detection board: Investigate cases of non-payment of premium

4. Commissions (Article 100): Investigate cases of construction violations, such as over-construction, failure to comply density and usage

*Investigating status of service appointee

1. Studying the status of commitment and receiving the educational indemnity from service appointee

2. Acting for correspondence in the field of obtaining a commitment document and determining the amount of university demands from the obligated through the administration and relevant parts of the payer of the funds or authorities in the commitment document

3. Obtaining a formal commitment from people who are introduced to this office for conducting training courses

4. Follow up on service-appointee documents (nursing-medical students) as well as the termination of documents that their commitment has expired.

Director of Legal and Contractual Affairs office

Ali Zand

Master of Public Administration