Vice chancellor of Research



Dr. Davoud Hekmat Pou 







Office of the Vice-chancellor for Research

This section acts with guidance, planning, supervision and staff evaluation of university training activities in order to coordinate university training with other activities and requirement of society and the country.

In competition with other universities of medical sciences, this scope, with the benefit of long experience about suitable and rich organizational structure provides services for students (public and graduate courses), graduates (includes of continuing education), affiliated units in the university and other medical education institutes and faculty members.

The office of the Vice-chancellor for education of university tries to satisfy expectations, by applying principles of Total Quality Management and advantage of new technology for acceleration and making processes more effective and expanding Graduate studies; and doing their best to meet the requirements.



Office Address         Department of Health and Social Medicine-School of Medicine- Arak University of                                      Medical Sciences Complex-              Basij Square- Arak city

Work contacts with area code               34173645 – 086         


Fax Number                                                086-31336853

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