Management of Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies



Subsidiary Offices :



Duties :

Part of tasks and responsibilities of the manager of Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies:

Study and making decisions on educational issues of students in terms of their scientific and practical developments

 Preparing and filing the general principles of academic programs and monitoring their implementation after approval

Evaluation the educational programs and comment on the change or develop them

Monitoring student’s active military duty and issuing certificate of employment to their education

Monitoring completion certificate of graduate studies, transcripts and degree confirmation

Monitoring registration and unit selection of students of different academic disciplines

Preparing and filing statistics and information from different disciplines and send them to the competent authority

Monitoring transfer of students according to the specified rules and regulations

Communicate with other universities and educational institutions inside or outside the country for educational and students exchange

Dealing with interweaving and unraveling issues relating to applicants continuing education of postgraduate and PhD programs in the field of basic science and specialized in clinical fields

Monitoring office of Graduate Studies and scholarships

Monitoring Bureau of Statistics and automation services

Monitoring Office of Alumni Unit

Monitoring Office of educational services

Monitoring evaluation committee and promote educational processes