Vice chancellor of food and drug



This office as one of the deputies in the University of Medical Sciences and Health Services is responsible for the following tasks:
• Monitoring and regulating and adopting laws for establishment of centers of production, distribution and storage of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and health food.

• Monitoring the impact of packaging, labeling and advertising rules relating to the safety of food products, drinks Food, Cosmetics and Hygiene.

• Evaluation of methods for maintaining and improving the supply and sale of pharmaceutical products, health and drinking, and supervising the affairs.

• Collection and storage of information and statistics, and documents relating to pharmaceutical products, eat, drink, cosmetics and health.

• Supervising the implementation of strict regulations and standards for producers of additives and the use of auxiliary and packaging materials colors and allow continuous control of quality and quantity of products in terms of competence.

• Monitoring the implementation of regulations on drug control laboratories of pharmaceutical and health 

• Methods to monitor the production and distribution of pharmaceuticals companies, eat, drink, cosmetics and health at the provincial level.

• Supervision of drug and pharmacies.

• Monitoring and evaluation activities, laboratories, pharmaceutical, food, and health in the province.

• Inventory control drug, according to health department requirements.

• Application and inventory monitoring and control of drugs in drug-dated.

• Supervising the maintenance of certain drugs and addictive substances, and for good performance.

• Supply and provision of needed drugs by pharmaceutical companies which are directly represented in the size of free agency like the Red Crescent centers, pharmaceutical company

• Supervising the proper distribution of the drug from the approved quota for private and public units
• Monitoring the drug supply in the private and public pharmacies

• Supply and provision of certain specialized drugs and cancer patients

• Assessment of needs and establishment of pharmacies in areas needed to facilitate access by the drug

• The provision of medical equipment used in hospitals to monitor the quality and price

• Support hospitals in crisis and disaster

• Providing information needed by medical people and doctors and paramedical staff in medical and scientific information needed to achieve

• Dealing with the phenomenon of drug trafficking in the Headquarters of the duties enacted to combat drug trafficking

• Continuous monitoring of food products, health products and cosmetics factories in the province

• Continuous monitoring of food safety and hygiene products in large warehouses and cold storage

• Closely monitoring the import and export of food and hygiene through health certification

• The necessary tests to confirm safety and food quality and hygiene samples sent from the Health Center, Administration and other organizations and agencies