Environmental Health


Environmental health as a unit in Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Health undertakes its missions in order to control environmental factors which impact on the physical, mental and social health of human. 
The main goal of this unit is providing, maintaining and promoting community's level of health through informed and active public involvement in environmental health programs and getting cooperation from extra-sectoral and inter-sectoral parts with controlling the environmental factors.
Monitoring efficient work of environmental health units in cities of Markazi province including:

• Environmental health measures in rural areas - health action in case of emergency

• Centralized and decentralized distribution of funds to the province
• Developing regional guidelines in time of need and sending them to the cities.

• Sending ministry guidelines and circulars to cities
• Preparing and providing equipment needed for environmental health units across the province

• Data collecting and doing statistical conclusion cities and sending them to the Ministry
• Corresponding with work and environmental health center

• Holding Workshops related to environmental health.