Health Network Development


This group and also provincial experts have a responsibility to provide hardware required by the health services in a way that grand policy, circulars and instruction will be issued from this center to province and provincial expert groups by  reviewing them with considering provincial status, adopt executive programs for abovementioned policies and announcing them to the subordinate units and provincial experts are also responsible for coordinating, supervising, and following up the abovementioned policies.
Analyzing available situations and estimating financial requirements, equipments, and physical space and ways to exploit them

Reviewing and designing network development plans with coordinating with subordinate centers

Doing necessary actions for developing and implementing service centers by establishing physical spaces and equipping them

Improving the standards of physical spaces and equipments in the service centers

Collecting and analyzing data and reporting them

Making cooperation and programming in villages insurance  and family physician

Presenting circulars, instruction, educational texts, and educational scientific modules required by physicians and midwifes

Efforts to increase productivity in service centers

Supervising, monitoring and evaluating the ways services are given

Preparing and collecting latest demographical information and administrative division of the country which their impact is effective in the network

Preparing and collecting latest indexes required in the health network structure under the DTARH program.