Shazand School of Nursing


School History

Shazand school of Nursing, as first academic center of medical sciences in Shazand city, officially and licensed by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and in line with the 20 year National Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with the aim of training and educating nurses needed by the society was began to work in 2010 and now through the entrance examination admits undergraduate students.  
Now a unique opportunity for those interested in studying nursing(especially indigenous people) provided and it is hope that this step will be an important step towards the goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran and will promote the level of scientific and research in the city.

Mission: Providing and promoting community health by fostering committed students and adhere to professional ethics with the Iranian Islamic model.

Vision: The Nursing school will be committed to relying on its expert workforce to achieve its goals, which is in line with the 2022 vision. Accordingly, the school will try to create the best educational and research rank among other colleges by creating a participatory environmental and the optimal use of all its educational and non-educational resources and also promote its rank during the program.
School Dean: Mr. Mohammad Goli Taleb

Academic Rank: Instructor
Master of Nursing


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