Deputy of education


Mr. Hadi Torabi

This deputy is in charge of planning and implementing the educational programs of the faculty and supervises the quality and quantity of theoretical and clinical trainings as well as the educational activities of the faculty members. The deputy also evaluates, controls and directs the quality of education by setting up a training development and evaluation unit.


duties :

1- Developing and proposing general principles of educational programs and monitoring the proper implementation of approved programs


2- Carrying out the necessary studies in the field of changing or developing curricula and adapting to the scientific needs of medicine and implementing community-based rehabilitation.


3- Establishing relations with other educational institutions inside or outside the country in order to carry out scientific exchanges


4- Supervising the performance of the subordinate units and ensuring the proper implementation of their duties


5- Supervising the way of providing medical-educational center services to students in the form of internship unit


6- Controlling the schedule of members of educational groups


7- Supervising the way of presenting the courses and selecting the course resources and controlling the course ID of the courses and designing the relevant courses


8- Supervising and controlling the four-year curriculum of the educational groups and observing the relevant regulations.

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