Deputy of research


Dr. Susan Salehi

Document: PhD in Speech Therapy

 Duties of the Research Deputy of the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences:


1- Planning and making appropriate decisions about research activities (based on university research criteria) in the University Research Council

2- Developing the strategic research plan of the faculty for its implementation, monitoring and continuous evaluation and in order to achieve the goals of the program.

3- Holding and participating in the research meetings of the faculty (Council of Research Committees, etc.) in order to make the necessary decisions in the relevant matters and continuous supervision on the proper implementation of the resolutions of the mentioned meetings.

4- Planning for the implementation of inter-sectoral and extra-sectoral research projects.

5- Annual evaluation of research officials (or research core), educational groups and announcing it to the relevant officials.

6- Providing the necessary solutions in order to encourage and encourage faculty members and experts in the field of research

7- Cooperating with the Vice Chancellor for Research of the University in research affairs and actively participating in the relevant meetings, in order to implement the strategic research programs of the University.

8- Submitting constructive suggestions to the Vice Chancellor for Research for design and review in the University Research Council

9- Providing the necessary information resources for conducting research.

10- Setting up and establishing research centers in the faculty.

11- Forming and supervising the information policy policy council of the faculty.

12- Establishing relations with other research centers and universities inside and outside the country in order to strengthen the research and expanding its scope and finally conducting joint research and presenting international articles. .


Planning for student research includes:


1- Guiding and supervising the research committee of the students of the faculty for the strategic plan of the university

2- Preparing a suitable platform for the flourishing of student talents in research fields

3- Creating a suitable platform for holding internal or national student seminars


Planning for covered information systems includes:


* Planning and supervising the affairs of the medical information system of the faculty (library, internet network, databases, etc.) and improving the quantity and quality of this system.

* Encourage and activate faculty members to participate in seminars, congresses and domestic and foreign lectures.